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Hanover County, Virginia

Samaritan's Purse Items for Collection

Weimer Scholarship

Please open this PDF to read about the Weimer Scholarship opportunity weimer-scholarship-info.pdf

Presentation Guidelines for County Contest-

Please refer to the links below for the requirements, score card, and some tips for making a Presentation. 

Suggested time of presentation: Juniors 2-5 minutes, Intermediates(age 12-13) 5-10 minutes, Seniors 10-15 minutes


Horse Management Project Book-Hanover County version for club members

The link below contains the current format for the Hanover County Horse Management Project Book.  Click on the link and save the file to your computer so that you can type your own data into the files (CHECK DATES IN FORM). Or, if you prefer, you may print the book as it is and hand write your information in the blanks.  (Note: you must have Word on your computer in order for the file to open properly.)  Keep your project book current! It's much easier to maintain the book throughout the year than it is to try and catch it up the night before a review!

Horse Management Project Book

Project Management Books - State Horse Project Book ONLY and Horseless Projects

Project book Links Continued

Champion's Tent Sale Guidelines

Club Reimbursement & Payment Forms

Hippology and Horse Bowl Study Materials

Click the link below to visit the SED 4-H Horse Council website which has a wealth of games, puzzles, study guides, slides hows, and links to other sites containing Hippology and Horse Bowl learning materials.  Take your time and browse the site to familiarize yourself with the many, many resources.  And study, study, study!

Click the link to visit the VA Cooperative Extension's 4-H Virtual Horse Farm

Horse show supply list

The link below contains a comprehensive list of what you may need for local shows, District &/or State, and Wakefield camp.  The file is an Excel spreadsheet, so you will not be able to open the file if you don't have Excel on your computer.  The file contains three tabs - "local shows", "District/State (overnight stay)", and "Camp".  You may not need all of the items listed, depending on your horse and arrangements (if you lease, feed and hay are provided for you).  You can save the file to your computer and edit, add, or delete items to suit your own needs.

 horse show supply list 

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